The 80's playlist

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Radio 80 selects for you every day the best music of the 80's, here are some songs that are played on the radio.


Mama, That's all, Home the sea, Second home by the sea, Illegal alien, Taking, it all too hard, Just a job to do, Silver Rainbow, It's gonna get better.

Produced by Genesis with Hugh Padgham.


Little girl

Extented version, Arranged and produced by Michael Cretu.

George Mickael, Wham

Going for it - Young guns

Produced by Steve George and Brown Michael.

François Feldman

Version maxi 45 rpm with French sauce. 

I'm afraid

Soul to soul

keep on movin remix

British music group, created in London in 1988, the radio waves are flooded with their success "Keep on Movin" reach peaks in the charts. This group consists of four members: Jazzie B., Caron Wheeler, Simon Law and Nellee Hooper.


You got the power

Timeless song and super rhytmée, the group War with this title of 1975 is quickly sold out at the time of its release and knows a big success.
The radio of the 80s brings it out just for you.

Vaitiare "Be my baby"

Discover this maxi 45 rpm of Vaitiare "feminine name of Tahitian origin, this pretty singer released this song in 1989.


Little Russian

Superb Italian production, this maxi 45 rpm is a marvel and rarely diffused in radio currently, but we love it and that's why this song is always part of our programming.

Dance computer one

Mixed by Unity

6 minutes de mixavec notemment, Technobeat, Hip house beat, Pop beat, et Soul beat.